LDAP, Radius, Security Policy


What's the single most expensive cost of running an IT shop?  Managing the enterprise services like LDAP, Radius, and Security Policies.  With most of our business technologies moving into cloud space there is less and less need for local enterprise grade server technologies. 

We partner with Jumpcloud to provide Identity and Computer management.  Once implemented you can begin to treat your workstations just like you treat your employees home computers, like cloud access machines.  For your more sensitive applications consider AWS Workspace and keep the access to your most sensitive applications accessible from only secured workstations in the cloud.

WWPass Right Factor Authentication

Biometrics are a fraud, passwords are forgotten or written down, and how many usernames do you have?  WWPass Right Factor Authentication provides the most secure method for accessing your websites with USB Tokens, Smart Cards, or your mobile device. Sign up for a free password storage system using the mobile device version at http://passhub.net

If you're interested in learning how WWPass can integrate with your applications and provide Right Factor Authentication Contact Us Now.