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What we offer

Custom Application Programming

Do you have a workflow that can be automated? Do you have cloud services or on-premise services that you would like to share data with and between? We can help!

As a security-first company we will develop your application with security-best-practices and perform static-analysis, using open-source tools, on all code that we write. We can provide additional security with robust commercial static-analysis tools at an additional cost.

We’ve helped customers integrate their HR Information Systems with G Suite to automate the new user provisioning and termination process so that users are automatically provisioned as soon as they are on-boarded and suspend their accounts as soon as they are terminated.

We’ve also developed custom workflows to automate and standardize processes between departments using novel cloud based approaches as well as custom applications using modern HTML5, Google’s Angular, and Java. Our processes ensure that security is a priority for your data and processes.

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