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What we offer

Desktop Support

Embedded Support

Our skilled Information Technology and Desktop Support technicians can be embedded at your location to provide superior desktop support ranging from software installation to printer maintenance. Whenever the technology gremlins rear their ugly heads, rest assured that our technicians will solve your desktop woes in a hurry and with a smile.

Knowledge Sharing

Our technicians share information across the organization on a real-time basis. We discuss the problems that are coming up and potential solutions to those problems. This ensures that each technician has the ability to provide the optimal solution to your technology woes. Whenever there is a detailed procedure to fix a problem we document those in our ever growing knowledge bank of how-to documents. This ensures that our processes are repeatable and successful.

Right Fit Consultants

Many times IT support companies provide either under qualified or overqualified consultants resulting in frustration from both the consultant and the host company. We take great pride in our ability to provide the right fit consultants. In all of our hires we have yet to have to remove a consultant due to a wrong fit. This helps us respect your budget without upsetting your technical needs.

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