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What we offer

Transition to the Cloud

Key Decision Factors

With unparalleled bandwidth, up-time, and accessibility your on-premise servers can be transitioned to cloud based virtual servers. Free up valuable office space, lower your cooling costs, and increase your performance with easy to manage cloud based servers. We are skilled and well versed in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Compute as well as docker and kubernetes deployments.

What is “The Cloud”

The cloud is simply servers that are for rent in a remote location. But why would you want to move your servers to the cloud? Reliability and security are two key factors but also consider the physical space and resources your current on-premise servers require. That’s valuable floor space that could easily be converted into new offices, conference rooms, or storage space. You’ll reduce you electrical usage and cooling costs.


Reliability is a key factor; how many times has one of your servers failed in the last year? Or how many times has your valuable web application been down for maintenance? With services from Amazon, Google, or Microsoft (and many other lesser known providers) you can completely forget about hardware maintenance and failures. Your servers will be up and running 99.9999% of the time. With multiple ingress/egress points you can count on your servers being accessible to everyone all the time. Using zones you can place your servers in geographical areas closest to your users, or replicate your servers in multiple zones to ensure low latency to all of your users.


Security is the second key factor. Cloud hosting providers massive data-centers come with unparalleled reliability and security. Multiple redundant power sources and multiple connectivity lines ensure up-time regardless of area wide outages. These data centers provide state-of-the art and ISO 27001 certified physical security protections that include protected distribution lines (physical protection of networking cables), multiple perimeter security checks and locks, exhaustive background checks for employees, and a plethora of other physical security features. These features are most likely not in place for you on-premise servers.

Ease of Use

With only a few clicks you can have a brand new server up and running, there’s no need to wait for new hardware to come in. With pre-configured software packages and virtual appliances you can have a new virtual server with already installed software ready to go within minutes. Adding servers to automatic scaling groups is simple and easy to configure. Double or even triple your servers based on demand as soon as a tripwire is tripped.

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