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Baked In Security

Starting your development from an already Hardened image will ensure compatibility with Open SCAP standards. Either build your software on this machine image or use it for testing.

Ready to Customize

With nothing extra installed you can customize your distribution to fit only your needs, reducing your overall software baseline and the amount of patching you will have to do when in operations.

FedRamp Certified

When deployed to Gov Cloud, East, or West AWS zones you can rest assured that your Virtual Machine is running in a FedRamp certified organization.  See more at https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/fedramp/

Technical Details

This is a minimal Debian install that has been hardened using the OpenSCAP security guide for Debian 8. View the security guides at https://github.com/openscap/scap-security-guide. Only the AMI EC2 tools and VIM have been installed on top of the Debian provided minimal install. This Amazon Machine Image is a perfect starting point for testing your applications on a hardened OS.

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