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Score Your Risks to Prioritize Resources

Risk Formulas Once a risk is identified it should be scored and prioritized. The most basic risk formula is Impact * Likelihood. Calculations can either be an estimate for a score of 1 – 5 on both impact and probability for a maximum score of 25 or a more complex […]

Are you Adequately Managing your Cybersecurity Risks?

What are Cybersecurity Risks? If you’ve been reading our articles you will have read about vulnerabilities; don’t worry our series on Risk Assessments aren’t duplicates of our vulnerability article, rather they are a whole different view of cybersecurity. Vulnerabilities deal with the technological entry points for hackers; Risks are higher […]

Managed Security Service Provider: Protect Your System from Vulnerabilities

What is Vulnerability Managemnt? Hackers and security researchers often find ways to exploit software in different ways, these exploits are considered vulnerabilities. Some exploits reveal sensitive data while others allow complete access to a system. Vulnerability Management deals with the protection against exploits and consists of multiple approaches. Reducing the […]

What is a Managed Security Service Provider? MSSP Explained.

Managed Service Provider First, let’s start by answering the question “What are Managed Services”. Managed services are basically outsourced proactive IT. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) differs from traditional outsourced IT in that Managed Services are proactive rather than reactive. Traditional outsourced IT is a break-fix model, where the IT […]