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Managed Security Service Provider

We provide your business with audit, analysis, and management of your entire IT Infrastructure, including your internal processes that affect IT. With our services and your IT, we’ll support you with a defense-in-depth strategy that meets your governance needs as well as your Intellectual Property and Reputation risks ensuring you will be well protected from global threats. With our Tech Stack we can even provide help-desk support and configuration management.

What’s the difference between a typical Managed Service Provider and an MSSP? Find out in our blog post What is a Managed Security Service Provider? MSSP Explained.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

  • You don’t have to travel the cybersecurity path alone; we’re here to help guide you to a secure network and protect your intellectual property and your reputation.
  • With our team of experts we’ll provide you with a cost efficient cybersecurity program that protects you and your budget so that you can rest easy and get back to the work of making widgets.
  • Don’t have an IT staff? We can do that too. As an MSSP we have many of the same tools and expertise that your traditional MSP employs and can manage your desktops, servers, and networks.

Detailed Documentation

With our detailed monthly status reports you won’t have to wonder what value our cybersecurity experts are bringing to your organization. You’ll always know where you stand.

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Get-Well Plan
  • Top Intrusion Detection Alerts
  • Failed Login Attempts
  • Unauthorized Software Changes

Broad Experience

  • You’ll be in good hands with our experts and their wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Our teams our well versed in risk management which allows us to prioritize system remediations that keep system interruptions to a minimum allowing for continued operations.
  • Not all vulnerabilities and governance requirements are created equally, some have less impact to your overall defence-in-depth strategy and Intellectual Property/reputation risk.
  • Our tools bring real-world attack intelligence to vulnerabilities allowing us, or your IT team, to effectively manage risk.