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What we offer

Network Management and Monitoring

In a Nutshell…

We set up, manage, and monitor your network for performance and security using easy to use open-source software that keeps our costs low and we pass those savings on to you. Our network monitoring tools seamlessly integrate with your network infrastructure to capture all of your most meaningful logs and metrics to provide meaningful information so that we can identify trouble-spots in real-time and keep your network running in top shape to support your most demanding applications and users.

Configuration and Setup

Whether you have an existing network, are looking to expand, or are setting up a new location we are ready to help. We work with simple and complex setups; straight forward routing to allow your workstations to access the internet or complex setups with multiple VLANs and routing tables. We’ll help you plan your infrastructure to best support your needs and provide detailed documentation to ensure that future technicians will know what was set up, why, and how.

Network Operations Center

Network monitoring is important for identifying problem areas and preventing catastrophic failures. We collect metrics data from your network equipment so that we can monitor key performance metrics and monitor trends over time to identify trouble spots. With traffic metrics, we can see where an ISP is failing to meet their Service Level Agreement or where a wireless access point is overloaded and causing slow speeds. We prefer to use open-source software for our monitoring as it reduces operating costs to justify the cost of running the server. Many times similar commercial software costs 10s of thousands of dollars per year, or lock you into just one manufacturer. Open Source allows us to monitor almost every manufacturer’s equipment.

Security Operations Center

Like our NOC we use open source software to monitor and analyze security-relevant events in our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software. Where commercial SIEMs can easily cost $65,000 per year, our OSS SIEM requires only the cost of operating the server. Depending upon your needs, our technicians can monitor your events in real-time or on a pre-determined routine. For instance, one client has a low-risk level and has a relatively low incident rate so we only review the logs once per day. Whereas your network may require real-time monitoring to catch and mitigate attacks on a real-time basis.

Our SIEM collects data from any source that generates log files. This can be your Intrusion Detection System, Router, Firewall, End-point protection software or windows event logs. The more data we collect the more accurate our incident analysis can be. With more log data we can better correlate events on multiple pieces of equipment and track an attack from source to destination. We can either integrate with your existing incident response plan or we can provide incident response services and develop an incident response plan to be sure you are ready to respond to any potential attack or network abuse.

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